Computer Upgrades

Computer Upgrades

Most of the time upgrading your computer can be done within an hour. We charge zero book-in fees and give you cashback on your old parts.

Let's add an SSD hard disk, install new windows and you're sorted.

Upgrading your computer not just means computer hardware, but software can also make a great difference.

Upgrading a computer can be a better option

Upgrade Special 1

5x Speed Package Upgrade

Let's add an SSD hard disk (240GB), install new windows 10 and you're sorted - for only R1500.00 including labor.

Hard Disk Drive

Hard Disk Drive Upgrades

Upgrade your hard drive to the latest SSD, NVME drives. Up to 22 X speed increase. Prices Range from R499 - R3999.00 depending on speed and size.

Computer Memory

Memory Upgrade Options

We offer Memory module upgrades from 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB. Increase your multitasking and application load times. Prices from R299

Graphics Card

Graphics Card Upgrade (PC Only)

We offer new or refurbished graphics cards that will meet each customer's needs. Play demanding games with 4GB, 8GB Graphics Card. Prices From R1400

Windows 10 Pro

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

OEM Windows 10 Serial Key installed with Microsoft activation. From R599.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you decide whether you want to upgrade or replace your computer, you need to ask these questions.

We have different labor costs depending on the type of device, the risk factors, and technology factors.

Most computer repair shops charge around R250.00 to R450.00 just to book the computer. They will call you back after a while without giving you a clear estimated time, only to inform you what the problem is. We think this is not good for the client. We charge zero book-in fees, plus a quick analysis to give you the problem report on the spot. Normally we make suggestions to our customers on the cheaper and better options to resolve the issue. We are on your side.

Nobody likes hidden costs. If we spend 5 minutes upgrading your computer, we would only charge you for the 5 minutes. Building customer relationships is key to our success.

We know that the data on the computer is more valuable than the computer itself. When we upgrade your device, we make a clone of the hard disk to the new hard disk, then remove the old hard drive and place it into an external enclosure that can be used for your backups. If you have a faulty hard disc, we will do our best to move over to a new disk. We recommend all clients to upgrade to new modern technology, as their lifespan is far greater than the actual laptop.

Newer windows 10 machines require at least 8GB of memory. If you have upgraded from Windows 7 or 8, then you need to make sure you are using the latest SSD or NVME Hard disk drives. These new hard drives can be up to 100 times faster than your old hard drive. If your files take longer than 3 seconds to open, it means you need an upgrade. We have seen how 10-year-old laptops perform exceptionally well with just new memory and hard drive upgrades. Squeezing that extra year or two out of your old machine is well worth it.

Our worst-case upgrade timeframe is 24 - 48 hours. If you need the machine upgraded urgently, we can do upgrades within 1-3 hours, however, if upgrade parts are needed urgently, we normally end up purchasing them from local computer shops near us that might be slightly more expensive.