Outsourcing IT: The New Trend

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Hi Guest,

I am very excited to convince you to read the below-mentioned!

My name is Conrad Jacobs.

I'm a Systems Architect and a Business Analyst. I believe that outsourcing your IT is a new way forward. So why wait? Let's connect and analyze your business.

At alpha91, we welcome and embrace the “old-school” values of a business. We primarily focus on the following areas:

  • Professionalism;
  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Creating process-driven projects.

A team of IT experts on call, so you eliminate the cost of hiring even one employee for Technology Support.

Faster repair of your broken computers and laptops, to eliminate costly downtime your business can't afford in times like these days.

With Covid-19 and lockdowns that keep on changing, many companies cannot afford to keep IT, staff, on a full-time basis due to finances.

With many years of experience at Beehive Consulting, Standard Bank, SARS, and other well-known companies, I believe that I recognized and implemented many valuable solutions which are an asset to every company. You can view my Portfolio on Linkedin.

Our monthly retainer packages are very competitive. They are being calculated to work for almost any business type and size.

We offer you full access to our online helpdesk and remote support portal where you can sign in, log your incidents, calls, queries, track status, payments, and much more.

Our SLA (Service Level Agreements) is simple and human-readable. No hidden costs or clauses that you are unaware of or fine print.

Verified businesses will get access to our 30-day accounts. Signing up for our monthly packages gives you access to our online trouble-shooter and other great support options.

We love teaching staff the basics, and things to look out for that cause issues. No task too big or too small.

We guarantee that we can make your processes easier with technology. With process-driven solutions we can increase your workforce, reduce costs and build stability for the future.

With many staff not attending the office full time, or even working from home, we provide solutions that work seamlessly from home and/or the office super securely.