Networking Solutions

Networking Solutions

There are several benefits to networking computers and devices. One of the main advantages is the ability to share resources, such as printers, files, and internet connections. This can be particularly useful for businesses, as it allows employees to access shared resources and collaborate more effectively.

Networking also allows for communication between devices, such as sending and receiving emails or messaging. This can be useful for both personal and professional purposes, as it allows for quick and easy communication with others.

Many network installers doing network cables and wifi, charge a fixed price per network point. This can become expensive when you need to run a few cables or points in your small office.

Our pricing structure has been worked out on labor and material cost per meter, meaning shorter cables will cost less. The price per meter includes labor, cable, saddles, or when trunking is needed.

Many offices use flip open ceilings that just make life easier, however, most installers just run these cables to get the job done, and they lay the cables close to the power cords. This becomes a nightmare when lightning strikes. The lightning will jump through the wires, into the switches, computers, and even expensive servers. Most of the time, lightning protectors are not guaranteed to work.

We believe doing the layout and architecture right the first time is the right way forward. We enjoy it when we do not have networking issues and business flows without any network downtime.

Out of experience, we always recommend cables over wifi networks. It just gives so much fewer problems and avoids unnecessary callout fees.

When we analyze the network layout, we take into careful consideration the value, labor, and cost. We would use Wifi only in areas that cables are not applicable, or in Wifi required zones.

Marking all the cables, switches, and printed network layout diagrams helps other IT administrators to save time and work with a unified network plan. Marked cables can help trace any broken cable, that needs to be replaced.

Using the correct network cable and connector heads saves money in the long run, especially cables that are run outdoors.

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