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We specialize in various computer repairs for homes or offices in the Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, Randburg area, so why wait? - Let's get your computer repaired today.

Fix your Computer for only R399

We all know that when your device breaks down, you need a fast and affordable computer repair service. Most of us rely on our devices to help us with our daily tasks, and we can't afford to be without our devices.

Many clients are sentimental about their computers and the files that are on them, and they don't want to lose those files. Our first task is to make sure the files are backed up, then we will start the repair process.

The most common computer issues are caused by failing hard drives and computer software. Older computers tend to break down because their hard drives are still using older mechanical disks that rotate. They can break at any time, however, common symptoms include noisy spinning disks, or random computer freezes, or blue screens. We advise our clients to upgrade to the Windows OS they prefer.

We keep stock of the newer SSD and NVME hard drives and help customers get their computer or laptop running again within 1-3 hours. You can view our upgrade section for more info.

Is it better to repair your old computer or buy a new one?

Most clients are very attached to their computers, and we know why it's called a personal computer. We are all attached to our devices and would first upgrade, then replace them if needed. By asking our clients what the primary goal of their computer is, we can determine the hardware and software requirements.

Troubleshooting & Repair Services Questions

  • Is the machine powering on?
  • Do you hear any noise, and are the fans spinning?
  • Does it shut down after a few minutes?
  • Blue screen or errors when starting up the machine?
  • Is the machine slow or unresponsive?
  • How old is the machine, and do you have a warranty?
  • Do you have important data on the computer?
  • Do you want us to repair the machine at your place?
  • When was the last time it was running smooth?

Computer upgrades

We offer fast and affordable computer upgrades. You can visit our computer upgrade section to view more.

Refurbished Computers

We offer refurbished computers for start-up companies where funds are limited. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. We can assist with VOIP, Networking, Email hosting, Data Backups, and more. View our support section to get started.

Virus Removal

If you have a virus on your computer, let us have a look and fix it in a controlled environment. We can do a quick remote support session and confirm whether you have a virus. Normally a slow laptop could be caused by some sort of malware running on your machine. Doing windows updates regularly helps to fight most malware.

Computer Networking

For any computer networking requirements, visit our networking section to read more. We offer a full range of networking services, and we can implement cable to wifi solutions for indoor and outdoor uses.

Same-day Repairs

Most of the time repairing a computer can be done within an hour. We charge zero book-in fees and give you a free analysis report on check-in.

Laptop Screen Replacement

If you need a laptop screen replacement, kindly contact us with the laptop make, and model number. Some laptop screens are expensive to repair. You can read our article on laptop screen replacement to see whether repairing the screen is worth it.

Software Upgrades

Most users are using Microsoft products, and they do get updated often. We advise our clients to upgrade their devices to the latest versions because they offer much greater security and stability.

Emergency Repairs

When you need your device fixed within 3 hours, kindly give us a call to arrange a drop-off repair. Kindly note that we only offer this service by appointment.

Remote Desktop Repairs

If you are connected to the internet and have any computer problems, give call us for a free remote analysis of your computer or laptop.

Many different types of problems can occur with laptops and computers. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Slow performance: One of the most common problems with laptops and computers is sluggish performance. Various factors, including a lack of memory, a cluttered hard drive, or malware or viruses, can cause this.
  • Overheating: Laptops and computers can sometimes overheat, which can cause them to shut down or malfunction. Various factors, including a faulty cooling system, a lack of ventilation, or a build-up of dust and debris inside the device, can cause this.
  • Hardware failures: Hardware failures are another common problem with laptops and computers. This can include issues with the motherboard, processor, RAM, hard drive, or other components.
  • Software issues: Software issues can cause many problems with laptops and computers. Software issues can include problems with the operating system, application software, or other programs.
  • Virus and malware infections: Laptops and computers are vulnerable to virus and malware infections, which can cause various problems, including slow performance, data loss, and system crashes.
  • Display issues: Display issues can be a problem with laptops and computers, including problems with the screen (such as cracks or discoloration) or issues with the graphics card.
  • Power issues: Power issues can also be a problem with laptops and computers, including problems with the battery, charging port, or power supply.
  • Network and connectivity issues: Network and connectivity issues can be a problem with laptops and computers, including problems with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other networking technologies.
  • Keyboard and mouse issues: Keyboard and mouse issues can be a problem with laptops and computers, including problems with the keyboard (such as stuck keys or a faulty touchpad) or issues with the mouse or touchpad.
  • Sound issues: Sound issues can also be a problem with laptops and computers, including problems with the speakers, microphone, or audio drivers.

Many problems can occur with laptops and computers, ranging from simple software issues to more complex hardware failures. It is essential to regularly maintain and troubleshoot your device to help prevent these problems from occurring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you decide where you want to repair your computer, you need to ask these questions.

We have different labor costs depending on the type of device, the risk factors, and technology factors.

We charge zero book-in fees and give you an analysis of the upgrade options and prices. Normally we make recommendations to our customers on the more affordable to expensive but valuable upgrade options.

Nobody likes hidden costs. If we spend 5 minutes repairing your computer, we would only charge you for the 5 minutes. Building customer relationships is key to our success.

Out of personal experience and many client headaches, we learned backing up existing data before we even boot the laptop / pc is the best decision. We have the perfect backups tools to quickly and correctly mirror all your data. Normally when we hear the click-clack sound of the spinning hard disk drive, we do an immediate data backup, thus also recommending upgrading to a new and faster SSD affordable hard disk.

Newer machines use better technology however, it may be painful just moving the hard disk drive over to the new machine. With the new super-fast hard disks that are out, the old technology seems to be incompatible and not just a quick swop over. You have important apps such as pastel, Microsoft project, or even more expensive apps that are difficult to move over. Nobody likes to buy software again, especially if they paid a lot of money for it. The good part. We can transfer those files, applications from your older device to the new device with our specials transfer applications. When you sign in you can continue where you left off, totally untouched. If you are scared to lose any data on your computer, let the boffins handle it.

Our worst-case upgrade timeframe is 24 - 48 hours. If you need the machine repaired urgently, we can do repairs within 1-3 hours, however, if replacement parts are needed urgently, we normally end up purchasing them from local computer shops near us that might be slightly more expensive.