Is laptop screen replacement worth it?

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We all know that laptop screens are very fragile and can crack easily. On the older laptops, screens were fairly affordable and simple. You could use different brands as well.

The screens that we see in laptops are almost the most expensive part of the laptop. Most screens come from Samsung but get rebranded by different computer manufacturers and vendors.

Manufacturers got smart when it comes to the design and assembling of laptops. You would see how to make different cables and screen adaptors for almost every laptop, making it difficult to use other screens and connectors inside the laptop.

With 4K and the new liquid display screens, we guarantee that replacement screens will not be cheap. Only the agents will keep those in stock, while they control the prices. You get Chinese brand screens for replacements, but it's just not worth the risk on the warranty.

There are three types of replacement parts on screens. The physical screen, the cable, and the backlit board that gives the color.

When you see lines on your screen that appear now and then, you might need to upgrade your graphics card drivers, especially on the AMD graphics cards.

Laptop screen replacement makes sense when:

  • You have a spare screen laying around
  • You can buy a broken laptop with the same specs for cheap.
  • Suppliers are not overpriced with the screen replacement.
  • Warranty of 12 months or more
  • Original screen replacement Part

Worst case the replacement screen is not worth it. Look at your options. You might end up getting a second-hand laptop with the same or better specs for just a little bit more.

You can use your laptop on another screen. Simply plug in your laptop to an external screen or TV via the HDMI cable.

You can get your expected screen price, by searching on eBay for the model number of your laptop. The prices are more or less what you pay locally.