Save Money Buying Refurbished Computers

Times are changing, and the technology sector is expanding at a rapid rate. With the covid19 pandemic around, everyone is thinking twice about their spending budgets. Most companies change or upgrade their machines every 3-5 years. By buying quality computer brands such as hp, dell, Lenovo, you can expect a long lifespan.

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Refurbished Computers

Refurbished Workstations

Workstation computers in corporate offices are stylish, expensive and represent the company status. Often you find that the procurement department will buy computers for staff that is faster than their required tasks. We look for these companies that upgrade to newer machines, and we refurbish them for re-use.

Great workstations look more aesthetical and offer a great space-saving design.

The Lenovo tiny form factor(TFF) computers are powerful machines capable of handling almost all tasks with a width of 179mm. Hewlett Packard offers high-quality components, and we are currently running some HP machines as personal cloud servers. Their low power, noise, and efficiency make sense. Dell computers are very corporate, and you will find plenty of dell machines available on the market.

So what makes Business Refurbished Computers so great?

Many companies have lockdown policies such as domain controllers, firewalls, or VPNs. With brand names such as dell or hp, you find that these machines come with security chips (TPM - Trusted Platform Module Technology) on the motherboard, which means that you can encrypt all data on the computer from a hardware level.

Save Money

Start-up businesses can't afford to spend their budget on hardware, and we know it is not cheap if you have more than three staff members. By buying from a reputable computer refurbish company, you can save up to 60% on costs and still get a warranty with after-sales support. Most refurbished computers offer extended warranty with manufacturers and repairs with them.

Where to buy Refurbished Computers

Don't just buy refurbished computers from anyone and check what support options you get. Having a company that offers a warranty, exchange and support will give you peace of mind. If your device breaks down, how long do repairs take, and are repair services available?

Low Power Consumption

We have measured several small form factors and business computers with our smart meter and discovered their power usage is as low as 20 watts per hour. See Example:

  • 20watt x 24hours / 1000 = 0.48Kw Per Day.
  • 0.48Kw x 30 Days (24 hour usage) = 14.4Kw per month.
  • 14.4Kw x R2.54 = R36.00 per month power usage.

In the market for refurbished computers? - buy online and get free installation, after sales support and delivery. All packages includes lifetime Microsoft Office 2019 & Windows 10 Pro.

Buy Refurbished Computers